Our Services

Looking for a refreshing interior design and you’re not sure if that wall be an issue? We can help you with that and have a blueprint layout for you in days at no cost. We’re confident that our service and work quality for quoted price are rarely exist in NYC.

When it comes to designing your kitchen, our 10+ year veteran kitchen & dining area designer can make any size of your kitchen turn into a maximized used of its potential space and a whole new modernized look. That’s our top specialty and designing your kitchen is absolutely free.

Cabinets are the highlights of your kitchen. We have a line of standard cabinets from polished wood to Formica European styles, and custom made cabinets that’s required for your kitchen.

Countertop and island the decoration of your home. We’ve granite or marble stones from standard to Italian exotic stones. With our designers, your cabinet, countertop, and the island are to be the combination of your brand new modernized home.

Wooden floors can be a issue if the installation job is not done the right way. The weather may cause the tiles shift and will show lines of unleveled. But our work would not let that ever happen. Every tiles we mold is to be set for life and to sustain any weather conditions.

The bathroom is so underrated by home owners, but that’s in the past. Nowadays we spend more time in the bathroom than you think. A easy and cost effective elegant modernized bathroom is an ideal to most of us. Our experts can easily design and build the bathroom as you wish at a very low cost.